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The Risks of Handling Biohazards Yourself: Why You Need Professional Assistance

12/4/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team using proper PPE gear during a biohazard job SERVPRO team in PPE

Biohazardous situations are not only dangerous but also require specialized training, equipment, and techniques to be handled safely and effectively. Attempting to handle biohazards without professional help can lead to severe health risks, contamination, and legal repercussions. In this blog post, SERVPRO sheds light on the importance of seeking professional assistance for biohazard cleanup and explains how our team can assist you with any biohazard needs.

The Dangers of DIY Biohazard Cleanup:

1. Health Hazards: Biohazards may contain infectious agents, pathogens, bacteria, and bodily fluids that can pose serious health risks if not handled correctly. Exposure can lead to severe illnesses or even fatalities.

2. Inadequate Cleanup: DIY cleanup often lacks the proper equipment and techniques required to thoroughly decontaminate an area. Incomplete cleanup can leave behind hidden hazards.

3. Legal Consequences: Improper disposal of biohazardous materials can lead to legal repercussions, including fines and penalties.

4. Psychological Toll: Cleaning up after a traumatic event, such as a crime scene or accident, can have a lasting psychological impact on individuals. Professional technicians are trained to handle these situations with empathy and professionalism.

How SERVPRO Can Assist:

1. Expertise: SERVPRO technicians are trained and certified in biohazard cleanup, following industry best practices and safety guidelines.

2. Safety Protocols: We adhere to strict safety protocols and use personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize exposure risks.

3. Specialized Equipment: Our team is equipped with specialized tools and cleaning agents designed for biohazard cleanup.

4. Compliance: SERVPRO ensures that all biohazardous materials are disposed of in compliance with local regulations and guidelines.

5. Thorough Cleanup: We conduct meticulous and thorough cleanup to ensure that all traces of biohazards are removed.

6. Compassionate Approach: Our technicians approach biohazard cleanup with compassion, understanding the sensitive nature of these situations.

Types of Biohazard Cleanup Services:

SERVPRO offers a wide range of biohazard cleanup services, including:

  • Crime Scene Cleanup: Compassionate and professional cleanup after traumatic events.
  • Sewage Cleanup: Thorough decontamination and safe disposal of sewage waste.
  • Infectious Disease Cleanup: Adherence to the latest CDC guidelines during disease outbreaks.
  • Hoarding Cleanup: Discreet and compassionate assistance in hoarding situations.
  • Biohazard Disposal: Safe removal and disposal of biohazardous waste.


Biohazard cleanup is a complex and potentially hazardous task that should never be attempted without professional assistance. The risks involved in handling biohazards on your own are simply not worth it. When faced with biohazardous situations, trust SERVPRO to provide comprehensive, safe, and compassionate cleanup services. Your health, safety, and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we are here to assist you with any biohazard needs, ensuring your property is restored to a safe and healthy condition.

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